Saturday, December 14, 2013

Burial - "Come Down To Us" - Song of the Day [12/14/2013]

Burial has said before that his music has been a tribute to the rave culture that he never had a chance to experience until later in his life. Since his debut eponymous LP in 2006, his music has evolved marvelously. With the release of his newest EP Rival Dealer, which can be streamed here, Burial shows us that there are no bounds to how emotional and uplifting music can be.

Come Down To Us, the centerpiece and climax of the EP, is a song that focuses on the idea of self acceptance. Starting off with vocal sample "Excuse me, I'm lost" spoken in a ghostly atmospheric tone layered over subtle raindrops falling and ending with a sample from a very moving speech given by transgender filmmaker Lana Wachowski, Come Down To Us is a spiritual journey. With a very smooth R&B like flow as an undertone, overwhelmingly emotional vocal samples, and a subtle holiday tone as a tether, Burial has created a tune that is in itself a total encompassing metaphysical experience.


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