Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shpongle - "Juggling Molecules" [Song of the Day] [12/07/2013]

Today's Song of the Day comes from psytrance group Shpongle. Shpongle consists of Simon Posford and Raja Ram. Together, they are considered the creators of psychedelic trance and psychedelic ambient music. Juggling Molecules is a tune that is a perfect combination of emotional music and meditative hypnotic music. Through marvelous production with over 200 tracks, Shpongle intented for Juggling Molecules to be a musical masterpiece. Keeping true to their downtempo beginning, they start the tune out with slow, floating synth melodies layered over many percussion instruments and a heavy bass line. Halfway through the song, Shpongle turns the track into a straight club tune beat; however, the tone is constant but the emotion is ever changing.


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