Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Theatre of Delays - "Electric Souls" EP

The music of Theatre of Delays has a rare capacity: it can turn a simple walk in the city with your headphones on into a movie scene. There’s a cinematic touch in every work of this Berlin based producer. Electric Souls is sparkling lemonade turned into music. Fresh, and  with a slightly acid sound, it quenches your mind with a taste of childhood  and tens of tiny electronic bubbles happily  crackling into your ears. Bonsai Symphony encapsulates, in not even 4 minutes, all the movements and the twists you can find in a regular size symphony. A warm retro sound harmonizes a lazy and jazzy melody, while maintaining a definitely electronic and exuberant rhythm. The result is just as refined and surprising as those lovely miniaturized trees can be. The EP also contains remixes by Acid Washed & Superlover that are pretty good in their own right. 


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