Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brillz Releases Official Remix Album "RETWONKED"

Above: Brillz
Brillz has done it again! Gathering a few of the biggest names in EDM, he has managed to put together "RETWONKED" - an official remix album of the original "TWONKED" LP. Bringing us 10 reworked tracks from artists such as Bro Safari, Luminox, Jack Beats, Milo & Otis, Buku and many more - it's sure to have some big tracks across various genres. While still very young, Brillz continually astonishes crowds worldwide with his musical talent and showmanship. As he continues to build a name for himself in the music world, we can be sure that this is not the last we'll hear from the one known as Brillz. With only a little over a month left in the "Totally Twonked Out Tour", be sure to catch him if he comes to a city near you!


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