Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boom Festival @ 1st Bank Center - Broomfield, CO - 11/15/13 [Review]

Review By: Justin D'Amico

Sub.Mission went all out for the first ever Boom Festival at the 1st Bank Center. The two stages pounded beats all night with the Main Stage showcasing a versatile line up of all headliners. This was a triple hybrid genre concert with Trap, Hip-Hop, and Dubstep all represented by heavy hitters.

The 1st Bank Center is a medium size arena which is used for a number of different events. Minor league hockey games are held at the 1st Bank Center as well as headlining musical acts. A sellout concert is around 7500 tickets sold, this show sold around 4-5 thousand. The layout is wide open with a large main floor, and permanent bleacher type seats through out the upper areas. There are also a number of suites available with special services.

First up on the main stage was Robotic Pirate Monkey a killer duo of dubstep masters from Boulder, Colorado. Matt Berryhill, and Andrew Hathaway make up the band and they throw down hard. With such a jam packed schedule Robotic Pirate Monkey were only given a short set, but they made up for it in filth. Next was IllGates an electronic/glitch hop producer from Toronto. You may recognize him from his song featured on GTA V entitled, "Get Off My Remix". Illgates set the hip-hop vibe for the night with smooth beats.

Funtcase and Cookie Monsta would switch it up back to hard dubstep for a sick battle set. Representing Circus Records the two dubstep monsters went off for the crowd. These two label mates are good friends. They have worked together before in creating "Circus Two" a brilliant compilation. The album features the best new music from the best Circus Records artists. Both Funtcase and Cookie Monsta are very rowdy on stage, they skank as hard as they can for the full set.

The second stage was banging all night too, with a bunch of local Sub.Mission dubstep DJs. The line-up on the second stage included: Caustik, ETHER, Tr!ggv, Subliminal, Coult45, and Shank Aaron. Sub.Mission is a Colorado based dubstep community made up of incredible producers. 

The Deltron 3030 performance showcased the full crew: DJ Kid Koala, Dan the Automator, Del the MC, and the 3030 orchestra. After a short setup one of the most amazing sets ever went down. They started with the song '3030', the opening the self titled album "Deltron 3030". The music is absolutely beautiful and with an orchestra to reproduce it live, it's indescribable. Deltron 3030 went in between the new album "City Rising From The Ashes" and the old school classics like 'Mastermind'. The music sounded flawless just like on the album, every band member had to stay on point to keep everything proper and it was perfect.

Excision brought his enormous Executioner stage and 250,000 watts of bass for a huge finale to Boom Festival. This new stage setup is made up of a large uneven wall with a bunch of angled panels. The shape of the wall and the careful positioning of 2 big projectors turns the wall into the Executioner, a robot stage. The booth is in the center with a window that opens and closes for different visual effects. The show opens with the window closed and the stage reveals itself as a transforming robot synced up to Excision music. Then at the drop the window opens showing the man at the controls, Excision. The visual show combined with the hard dubstep Excision creates was overwhelming. Excision is set to tour all over the US early in 2014 with DirtyPhonics, IllGates and of course the Executioner stage.

Boom Festival was a lot of fun with a good group of people and amazing music. Sub.Mission did it right having a variety of genres represented well. Boom Festival went great and hopefully it can become an annual event for the Denver area to look forward to.


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