Thursday, November 21, 2013

Deadmau5 - "777"

Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, has been releasing a flurry of new, experimental, music through his SoundCloud page in the past couples of months and the most recent addition, "777," is pretty awesome in it's own right. It starts off with some pretty melodic piano like many of his recent releases but is soon lost into some moombah sounding bass and some masterful transitions. This 13 minute track almost seems like the score to a movie as it brings the listener through ups and downs and keeps your attention throughout. Joel showcases his high level of production ability and the incredible attention to detail that is consistent throughout his entire catalog. I love this other side to Deadmau5 that I haven't really felt since his first album, Get Scraped. I guess you can listen to the whole thing on Youtube, here, although I haven't checked the quality on it since I have it in my music collection.


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