Friday, November 8, 2013

Global Dub Festival at The Midland in Kansas City, MO [11-2-13] (Review)

Review By: 
Justin D'Amico

AEG and Global Dance combined for a massive event at The Midland theater in Kansas City, Missouri. Global Dub Festival brought together Flux Pavilion and his freeway tour crew with special guests DirtyPhonics for an all out bash! The show was a near sellout with all but about a hundred tickets sold.

The Midland is a gorgeous historical theater with incredibly detailed walls and ceilings. There are three sections: the main floor, the mezzanine, and the upper balcony. The main floor is tiered so the closer up front you get the lower you get too. The mezzanine is a small balcony completely underneath the upper balcony. The upper balcony is enormous, with hundreds of seats and a bar all the way at the top. The Midland is an excellent venue for music, and visually stunning.

The night kicked off with DJ Fury and MC Dino as the people began to fill the room. Next up was Roksonix, his set was on point with a bunch of strong dubstep/drumstep tracks. Roksonix did a good job of blending the upcoming track long before it would take over as the main track, creating custom mash-up transitions. Skism was next with more hard hitting dubstep bass and killer graphics with his logo. A few extra devices would need to be added to the booth for DirtyPhonics. Each of the four members in DirtyPhonics plays a different role in their live show. They sped up the beats per minute for a sick drum and bass set. DirtyPhonics are on tour but mostly in Europe, they had to fly right back to France after the show.

Flux Pavilion is an excellent showman, he plans out his set to impact the crowd as best he can. His set started off with "The Scientist" which he sang himself live, and then went into "Bass Cannon" putting the people into a frenzy right away. On the third or fourth song the laser lights are showcased at the drop with all other lights off. The lasers completely lit up the room, and for this show Amazing Lasers brought five full color lasers for intense live visuals. The graphics and lasers are all completely live, the VJ and Laser Operator must work together with skillful synchronicity of colors and timing cues. Flux Pavilion has a special way of closing out his show. Just before the last song of his set Flux Pavilion steps down and the lights go off, but it's not over yet. He has everyone right where he wants them, cheering "One more song". Flux Pavilion saved his remix of "Gold Dust" for an epic closer to the show. Definitely check out Flux Pavilion before the Freeway Tour ends, every night is a brand new show with the live graphics and lasers.


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