Monday, November 25, 2013

Cashmere Cat - "With Me"

From the same producer who remixed 2 Chainz's most famous "No Lie" and Lana Del Ray's "National Anthem" comes With Me released only a couple of hours ago. Like many other Cashmere Cat tunes, With Me starts off with lush melodies fused effortlessly with low frequency kick drums; however, this time he spins the tune in a very unintuitive but incredible way. With signature cut-up vocals and mid-frequency percussion during the buildup escalating into an 808 heavy drop combined with marvelous tribal percussion, Cashmere Cat completely tears apart classical trap-style conventions. Like his other tunes, With Me has incredible percussion; every instrument has perfect depth and seems to flow easily into the next.
Listen to With Me below via SoundCloud and watch for Cashmere Cat's upcoming Wedding Balls EP releasing in January 2014.


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