Saturday, November 23, 2013

Röyksopp feat: Susanne Sundfør - "Running to the Sea" (Seven Lions Remix)

"To those readers unfamiliar with the up and coming producer known as Seven Lions, prepare for one hell of an introduction in the form of his massive remix of Royksopp’s “Running to the Sea”. Seven Lions, real name Jeff Montalvo, has been rapidly gaining the attention and admiration of the EDM community for music that seamlessly blends elements of trance, raw bass music and heavy metal, and his take on “Running with the Sea” is no exception. Beginning with the haunting vocals of Royksopp’s original and a hollow, eerie drum beat, this masterful rework gradually builds toward an eventual eruption of soaring melodies and heavy, growling bass lines that complement rather than compete with each other. The end result is an emotionally-charged song that will leave you wanting more. " - Joe LeBeau

Above: Seven Lions' Official Logo


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