Sunday, November 3, 2013

Figure w/ Crizzly & Gloominoti - "All Black Everything Tour" @ Mill City Nights - Minneapolis, MN 10/25 (Review)

A Review By: Shantelle Krueger
Figure and Crizzly had a competition for a local DJ to open for them at every stop on their “All Black Everything” tour. The winners of this competition were Kory Parisien and Zach Geier, also know as Gloominoti, from Sioux Falls, SD.
Zach Geier (Left) & Kory Parisien (Right) of Gloominoti w/Crizzly (Middle)

Unfortunately there was no light production for the night at Mill City Nights. All that was there on stage was the table Figure and Crizzly used to perform, some regular stage lights, and a few strobe lights on top. Luckly for Mill City Nights, their sound system made up for no light production! Mill City Night has a top of the line sound system set up going on with breath-taking, heart pounding, ear drum rattling bass, it was beyond satisfying.
 Gloominoti gave an unbelievable performance for their first show in Minneapolis – they have only been doing this for five months. I have seen these artists multiple times and this performance was by far their best one yet. They played a full dirty dub trap set the whole time and they were able to take popular songs to a new level, which brought the crowd together. The DJ duo, Gloominoti, had Mill City Nights moving and pumped up for the night’s main acts, Crizzly & Figure.
Crizzly on Stage w/Doo Dundee (Left)
Up next for the night was the one and only Crizzly. This man’s performance was straight up crazy and beyond filthy. Crizzly had his good friend, and hype man, Doo Dunde up on stage with him the whole night pumping up the crowd. Doo Dunde was rapping, jumping into the crowd, and getting girls on stage to “twerk”. The crowd went so hard for Crizzly’s entire set that they could barely move for Figure.

Figure Feeding the Crowd
The headliner for the evening was the crazy man, Figure. I saw him in August at Summer Set Music & Camping Festival – also a SIMshows production. I was beyond ready and excited for what he was about to throw down. Words seriously cannot describe the performance Figure gave that night. It was brilliantly produced and delivered absolutely perfect; the crowd was chaos the entire night. He dropped dark, heavy, dirty, mixes all night; it was just what I needed the weekend before Halloween. Figure is one of my favorite artist out there these days and his set was one of filthiest I have heard. My ears were 100% satisfied, only thing that was missing the whole night was some kind of light production. Check out SIMshow’s calendar for more awesome shows around the Minneapolis area.


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