Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Om Unit - "The Silence" (feat. Jinadu) & "Goveners Bay" off Threads LP

Jim Coles a.k.a Om Unit released his debut album Threads a few days ago. Hailing from London, this electronic artist has created a brand new spectrum within the dubstep scene. In Threads it is evident that Om Unit has taken most of his inspiration from dubstep and drum 'n' bass legends Mala, Photek, and Skream.

One of the most mesmerizing dubstep tunes I have ever heard is track number 2 on this album. 
Om Unit starts The Silence off with a heavy oscillating bass line, a few floating synths, and some reverb driven percussion. Then the vocals come in from Jinadu, effortlessly gliding over the other instruments. His lyrics are very hypnotic, creating a very introspective mental state. As soon as the vocals start to warp and Om Unit drops in the tribal drum beats, The Silence has completely entranced the listener. Unlike most UK Dubstep songs, The Silence is slower and has a heavy and distinct hip-hop vibe. Om Unit places more emphasis on bass-line oscillation and delayed percussion layered with atmosphereic melodies.

Another song on the album that has completely blown away former bass music conventions is track number 14, Goveners Bay. At 170 BPM, this track has its groundwork in drum 'n' bass. However, it is not as minimal as Photek and not as synth-heavy as Noisia.
Goveners Bay starts off very fast with mid-frequency percussion sounds. Then he creates an extremely enthralling effect by adding high-frequency acid synths and ambient melodies. At 0:45 the bass drops. Not just any bass though. A very low frequency pure sine oscillating bass line. This combination of floating acid synths, repetitive garage style percussion, and very low frequency bass not only creates a very meditative, hypnotic tune but also one of the most skillfully produced dance songs of this age.

These two songs, although marvelous on their own, can in no way describe the album as a whole.
Threads is a bass music album unlike any other. Om Unit has completely gone above and beyond to create a work of art that is more hypnotic than psychedelic trance and more heavy than UK Dubstep.

Check out the video of The Silence below.


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