Friday, November 29, 2013

Death Grips - "Whatever I Want (Fuck Who's Watching)" - Song of the Day [11/29/2013] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Today's Song of the Day comes from experimental hip-hop group Death Grips. With roots emanating in acid house, dubstep, and grime, they have completely changed the meaning of hip-hop in today's sense. Through a barely organized chaos, Death Grips uses Whatever I Want and the rest of songs on their newly released album Government Plates to convey a feeling of strong discomfort. With MC Ride's countless double and triple entendres, Zach Hill's offbeat, erratic, and very heavy percussion, and Flatlander's trippy synth progressions, Government Plates is an album crafted to induce scattered reactions amongst listeners. The last song on the album Whatever I want (Fuck Who's Watching) is a seven minute work of chaotic art. With skull crushing percussion and distorted acid synths, Death Grips starts the song off with a very abstract but dark tone. MC Ride's menacing lyrics are similar to a calling for disaster. All in all, Whatever I want is a tune in which every single bit of noise seems to be a calling for a severe catastrophe.
Beware, this is not for the faint of heart.


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