Friday, November 8, 2013

Cough Drop feat: Mr. Dubblup - "Generation Unstable"

Up and coming dubstep artist Cough Drop dropped his latest banger. Much like his other work, Generation Unstable is slow and heavy. Although the BPM is 145, a classic dubstep tempo, it seems as if it is chopped in half; thus placing much more emphasis on percussion and bass, giving it much more of a hip-hop vibe than most dubstep songs.
Cough Drop starts the song off with a few warped intertwined synths, creating a very eerie tone. Then the percussion and Mr. Dubblup's vocals come in, starting the tune off with a strong hip-hop beat. Once the beat drops about a minute and a half into the song, Cough Drop flawlessly turns the hip-hop tone into a slow oscillator-heavy dubstep one. However, with Mr. Dubblup's vocals layered perfectly over the low-frequency bass and percussion, the song is still hip-hip at its core.
Through this effortless weaving, Cough Drop has been able to merge dubstep with hip-hop, something that most dubstep artists nowadays are not currently doing. 


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