Thursday, November 14, 2013

Duwell - "Mission Abort" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Duwell's SoundCloud Profile Picture

The Australian producer, Duwell, is presumably maintaining an arsenal of new music, releasing 3 tracks in the the past 10 days. "Mission Abort" is his newest song out for free download on his SoundCloud. The others, "Love Machine" and "Lick It", are pretty awesome in their own right. But let's stick to "Mission Abort." This track starts out pretty electro and I was definitely digging it. I changed pages on my browser so I wasn't ready for that incredible transition away from the electro feel to the pouding bass big room madness. Before I knew it, I was bobbing my head like no other and had to know what in the hell happened. Duwell, is simply a beast... that's what happened. His talent is undeniable, the ability to transition between genres is remarkable. I'm not just talking about this song, he maintains the consistent and profound ability throughout the entirety of his SoundCloud catalog. If you haven't heard of this Sydney native, I would definitely hop on board the Duwell train and pick up what you can off his SoundCloud while it's still there/


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