Friday, November 8, 2013

The Floozies - "Tell Your Mother" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The first release on future-funk master Griz's label Liberated Music yesterday, Tell Your Mother by electronic music duo The Floozies is an album that takes a very interesting and appealing turn on the rapidly growing Future-Funk genre. Most artists within the genre mainly use hip-hop as their basis. The funk then builds off that. The Floozies do the reverse. They start with a very funky vibe, through warped vocals and pitch-bending guitar riffs, then the percussion is added for completion. Tell Your Mother has a very offbeat and glitchy style which makes it very different from other Future-Funk releases.

It is clear that The Floozies take a lot of their inspiration in Tell Your Mother from dance music legends Daft Punk. A lot of their tunes have a steady four-to-the-floor kick while also the use of vocoders on the vocals is similar. While these elements are very alike, The Floozies manage to create a more funky vibe while Daft Punk retains their synthpop and house basis.

The composition of Tell Your Mother is very skilled. Songs like Love, Sex, and Fancy Things and One Word retain the lazy hip-hop feel which makes you wanna simply groove out and sway slowly from side to side much to the likes of a lot of Gramatik and Griz tunes; while songs like Tell Your Mother and Indubitably are straight house bangers. These tunes are more entrancing and heavy. The rest of the songs oscillate between both ends of the spectrum; however, every song has it's very unique and attractive funky vibe.

Without a doubt, the most funky and emotional song on the album is Somebody Help Me. Starting off slow with some vinyl scratching and signature pitch-bending guitar riffs, The Floozies could go in any direction with this song. However as soon as the beat drops, it is evident that they decided to take a very heavy turn and layer the slow hip-hop vibe with crushing bass and low frequency synths. When the song transitions perfectly into the groovy hook which contains the famous 'somebody help me' sample from the worldwide disco hit Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees, I was completely captivated.

Something The Floozies have managed to do in this album is something many Future-Funk artists don't seem too hung up on. They seem to flawlessly merge funk with emotion, and this creates a new spectrum within the genre. While the genre is probably the most original and attractive within the EDM world, it lacks warmth and passion.
No longer is the Future-Funk scene going to be only about groovin' out, but also about emotional, introspective thought; this is something that fans would appreciate and embrace.
We can thank Tell Your Mother for this new movement. The whole album can be downloaded for free HERE.

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