Saturday, November 23, 2013

Plastikman - "Spastik" - Song of the Day [11/23/2013]

Today's Song of the Day comes from an artist who needs no introduction. Richie Hawtin, the leading exponent in the minimal techno scene, released his most famous Spastik in 1993. Jamming with only a Roland 909, 808, and a 707, Hawtin produced Spastik as a live take. Starting off with a four-to-the-floor kick drum, Richie Hawtin takes us on a journey by adding only a few percussion sounds but changing the nature of those sounds throughout the tune using many effects on the Roland machines. Richie Hawtin has been a major player within the techno scene for over 20 years. He recently went on his CNTRL tour across many college campuses to give lectures about electronic music during the day and play shows at night.


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